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Reduce Machine Learning training costs by 70%

SpotML is a command line tool that automatically manages ML training on AWS/GCP spot instances.

Train entirely on spot instances to maximize savings without worrying about Spot Interruptions.

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How SpotML works

Add config file to the root directory

Run commands to auto-start a remote server that will stop once training is complete

Why SpotML?

We make spot instances suitable for ML training. Spot instances are 70% cheaper than on-demand instances but are prone to interruptions.
We mitigate the downsides with persistence features, including optional fallback to on-demand instances.

Forgot a running instance?

Instances are booted and stopped automatically on detecting idle time.

Cut Training Costs

We help you save up to 70% by using AWS Spot Instances or GCP Preemptible VMs.

Auto-resume after spot interruption

We resume training after interruptions, using the last checkpoint via EBS volume.

Develop with Docker

Develop your model locally using a Docker container and run it on cloud.